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növus physiotherapy and performance is a comprehensive virtual physiotherapy clinic that helps patients take control of their pain, injuries and overall health.

revolutionizing physiotherapy

növus virtual physiotherapy and performance was co-founded by Kristen Blair, Ty Perry and Brendan Saville, three Physical Therapists with a desire to revolutionize the way physiotherapy is perceived and delivered. növus strives to make physiotherapy and performance services more accessible to the general public. Our goal is to increase our clients' health literacy in order for them to better understand how they can impact and take control of their health.

integrated approach

Our philosophy combines movement, exercise science, lifestyle choices, and sports medicine to enhance our clients’ health and performance. We appreciate that health and performance influence one another. Treating them separately won’t maximize the potential of either. At növus, we treat both in order to guide you along your health journey. 

accessibility and community

növus provides 100% digital physiotherapy, lifestyle and performance coaching so our clients are free to move and meet their goals, no matter where they are. At növus we are committed to cultivating a community that supports and empowers individuals to take control of their health.

Tell us your story. We're interested.

Evidence shows that 11 seconds is the average amount of time a client speaks before being interrupted by a health care practitioner. Healthcare should be a conversation. To deliver effective, individualized care, we need to understand all aspects of your life - big and small. Tell us your story. You’ll have more than 11 seconds. 

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Phone: (647) 689-6122
Email: info@novuspt.ca


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