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During your 60-minute virtual assessment one of our növus physical therapists will take you through a guided conversation to get a better understanding of exactly what brings you to us.  From there, we will ask you to perform some movements to determine your baseline level of mobility and function. Your physical therapist will work with you to get to the root of your concerns, and establish meaningful goals to get you back to moving, feeling, and living your best. At the end of your assessment you will have a clear understanding of what may be causing your concerns, an individualized plan to get you back to optimal function and how to experience freedom through movement!

növus offers 30-minute virtual physiotherapy follow-up sessions in order to review your progress and continue to provide you with support through your treatment plan. Your physical therapist will use this time as an opportunity to reassess your presentation, review your progress and progress your treatment plan as appropriate. 
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lifestyle & wellness package

növus offers personalized coaching programs to help you learn how to improve your overall lifestyle and health. Our objective is to guide you towards your goals while creating sustainable behaviour changes that optimize your entire well-being. We take into consideration all aspects of your health - exercise, nutrition, hydration, sleep, activity, stress, social and work life - to deliver an individualized plan so that you can get the most out of your body. This program is for anybody looking to create a better version of themselves.
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sports & performance package

The növus sport and performance package guides you along your journey to maximize your athletic potential so that you have the opportunity to achieve optimal performance in your sport. Our program will focus on recovery, strength, speed and stamina. Our expert coaches have worked with professional and elite level amateur athletes in various sports, and we deliver entirely individualized programs tailored to help you accomplish your goals and unlock your potential.
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